Choreography, scenography : Marie Gourdain

Performeurs : Florent Golfier, Marie Gourdain

Light design : Zuzana Režná  

Music : Tomáš Háček 

Duration : 40 min

Czech Republic.

Photo credits : Michal Hančovský

Un/One is a solo performance for a dancer who interacts with the space and its scenographic structures. His movement and the construction of the piece are created as part of and as a function of this space. 

Although the piece is a solo performance, there are two people on the stage. Another body moves around and modifies the dancer’s enclosed space in accordance with a precise logic.

The fragility of being, precarious balance, obstacle.

The boundary of the space within which a body in movement is investigating its own world is the limit imposed by the discreet, minimal presence of the other.

Each follows his own path and logic but the balance between them is fragile: the body vacillates and the separating line between them is porous.

Learn more about the piece, it's oncoming dates and the compagny at : tYhle.cz